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Air Conditioning Prices

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[heading]Basic Air Conditioning Prices[/heading]

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Replace Fuse & Check Control Board $135.00
Supply & Install New Multi Tap 40VA Transformer $165.50
Clean Coil & Blower $135.50
Check System Pressure & Clean Condenser Coil $185.00
Supply & Install New Fan Capacitors $115.50
Supply & Install New Single Pole Contractor $125.50
Supply & Install New Double Pole Contractor $145.50
Supply & Install New 60 Amp Non Fused Disconnect $150.50
Supply & Install New Float Switch For Drain Pan $185.50
Install New Programable Thermostat $195.50
Supply & Install New Condensate Pump $195.50
Install New Touch Screen Thermostat Call For Price
Install New Remote Thermostat Call For Price
Supply & Install New UV Light Call For Price
Supply & Install New Humidifier Call For Price
Inspect & Clean Gas Fired Furnace $135.50
Replace Hot Surface Ignitor On Furnace $165.00

* Price does not reflect sales tax.