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Mistakes that will cost you

//Mistakes that will cost you

Mistakes that will cost you

1) Taking short cuts and improper sizing of Air Conditioning system.
An Air Conditioning system not properly sized can be problematic, efficiency of the system can be compromised, causing high power bills, improper and inefficient dehumidification and un-necessary wear and tear on system parts.

2) Blocking return air grills and neglecting to change filters.
It may not sound that important, but a blocked supply grill or return air grill will not allow the system to get the air it needs to keep system from over heating, but more important, without enough air the fans and compressor will have to work harder (and still not get the air needed) equipment will over heat, increasing the chance of premature compressor and motor failure. It is important at this point to remember that unchanged and clogged filters can have the same effect on the system as a blocked return grill or supply grills.

3) Turning A/C off when your at work, away for a long weekend or on vacation.
It’s not really a good idea to leave a house with no A/C on at all. ”You have been away on vacation for a week”, “had a good time”, (really enjoyed the time off) Now you walk in to the house and its not just warm ,its hot !!! The tendency is to turn the thermostat down, lower then you would normally keep it. I mean doing so will cool the place faster, right?? Sorry!! Not so. Understand that everything in the house has been absorbing heat while you were gone. Setting the thermostat to 50 degrees will not speed things up. The better thing to do is raise the thermostat so it will keep house tempered.

4) Always have your system serviced before the season begins.
Through a Pro-active and comprehensive program of preventive maintenance, the objective is to aide in the Preformance, Reliability,and Longevity of your Equipment.

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